Brian Neary
Brian Neary

Design has always been a part of my life. Growing up in the floral industry, I worked designing flowers from an early age. With a strong foundation in the mechanics of design, I continued to grow and develop my own style through the years. My skills in the use of color, combining elements, achieving balance and most importantly, interpreting the client’s desires into reality made the transition into interiors a natural progression.

After completing my studies and receiving my Interior Decorators Certification in 2006, I was quickly hired by an interiors firm in Bucks County where I worked for three years before beginning my own business.

But, really, it’s all ABOUT YOU.

The focus of my work is to provide for you your ideal living space. This begins with conversation, questions and observation. Clients have often been delighted when something they mentioned in passing turns out to be a surprisingly significant detail in the final design scheme. I am always designing your room.

After the gathering process, I begin to formulate plans based on your need for sensible function and beautiful style to suit the way you live. Next, we meet again and I present plans and ideas for your review and approval. At times during this process, further input may lead to revisions before we arrive at the final details.

…and IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS – please visit the Designs section to see more.